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“Four wheels move your body, Two wheels move your soul”

Bike journeys are adventurous, full of thrill that carry its own set of challenges.On world motorcycle day, 21st June we shot an amazing Indian Motorcycles ride from lush green MANALI to ROHTANG-PASS, Himachal Pradesh. It was the first time THE Indian Motorcycles climbed at the altitude of 3,978 m (13,051 ft) . The event took place with the coordination of Riderthon , a motorcycling event company and Indian Motorcycles,Delhi headquarters campaign. 
Riderthon’s motto is to bring music , mountains and motorcycles together adding rides to life.
 It was a 51 km ride which took us few hours on Manali-Leh Highway, NH 21 with these super cool bikes! What really spiced up the whole journey was the sudden climb in altitude from Manali to Rohtang Pass, which goes from 2,050 metres to almost 4,000 metres. 

Riding with the nasty rains, bumpy roads and steep ridges , it was a journey into the clouds. Set out to conquer the hills, First Indian Motorcycles Chieftain and Scout braved whatever mother nature threw at them.

“Journeys are never about the destination” and that is what we captured, The journey !!

All the challenges we faced during the stretch of our journey ain’t everybody’s cup of coffee but worth reliving nevertheless. 
Journeys after all, they are stories meant to be told. 
Get to know more with these campaign photos shot by us :-

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