Travel enthusiast and an adventurer at heart, shooting India’s favourite MTB Himalaya race was an eye gleaming experience for me. Good stories deserve to be told. 

Hero MTB HIMALAYA is a 7 days mountain biking race of about 500kms in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh that is held every year in the month of September - October. It has definitely become India’s favourite MTB challenge! Mountain bikers pit themselves against each other and against the captivating yet challenging terrain of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. The mountain biking aficionados come from all corners of the globe. 

Photographing the race was everything pure and exciting, the Himalayas tend to offer. We followed the pantheon of riders through wrenching uphills, Speedy downhills, village back roads, beautiful meadows, thick vegetation, jeep tracks, streams and rivulets and boy, it was a super dose of adrenaline. The race calls out to an adventure lover, a mountain biker, a nature lover. And we hope more biking events will be organised in the future and we get to capture more of it! 

Here’s a glimpse to some of the best pics from MTB Himalaya!

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